ReportLoop Software Polyworks - Indicate Technologies
ReportLoop Software Polyworks - Indicate Technologies


This digital interoperability solution seamlessly incorporates inspection data into Excel, enabling effortless reporting and facilitating advanced analysis.


PolyWorks|ReportLoop™ is a no-cost interoperability solution designed to enable the integration of intelligent 3D inspection data directly into Excel spreadsheets. This feature enables you to finalize preformatted corporate reports or conduct in-depth analysis of your 3D measurement processes with ease.


Direct Access to Smart 3D Inspection Data

Effortlessly access your inspection projects directly within Excel, enabling swift retrieval of measurement results and eliminating the risk of transcription errors.
Dynamic Linking of Spreadsheets to 3D Inspection Data
Establish a dynamic connection between Excel spreadsheet cells and your PolyWorks|Inspector™ project, encompassing piece properties and measurement results, such as controls, control views, tables, and snapshots.

Two Interconnection Options
Choose from two interconnection methods to access 3D inspection data. You can connect to a live PolyWorks|Inspector session or link to a PolyWorks|DataLoop server, offering flexibility in data retrieval.

Automated Spreadsheet Updates
Modify your PolyWorks|Inspector project associated with your spreadsheet as needed, and rely on PolyWorks|ReportLoop to automatically update the spreadsheet values, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Facilitating Collaborative Teamwork
Simplify collaboration by sharing your reports and analyses, including intelligent 3D inspection data, with colleagues using Excel as the sole medium for seamless communication and teamwork.


Advanced Analyses at Your Fingertips

Advanced Analyses at Your Fingertips
Enhance the capabilities of the PolyWorks|Inspector dimensional analysis toolbox by establishing a connection with advanced analysis spreadsheets. This connection allows for the automatic insertion of inspection results, enabling the generation of insightful assessments that empower you to make informed decisions and take decisive action.


Develop Reusable Templates

Craft custom Excel spreadsheets in advance, preformat them to your specifications, and establish user-defined formulas through PolyWorks|ReportLoop. These templates serve as a foundation for creating information-rich report templates that can be reused as needed.

Leverage Excel's Capabilities

Tap into the robust mathematical and charting capabilities of Excel to transform your inspection results into comprehensive data summaries, visually engaging graphics, perform powerful mathematical computations, and create automated workflows, streamlining your analysis processes.

Streamline Measurement System Analysis

Simplify the process of conducting repeatability and Gauge R&R studies with PolyWorks|Inspector's integrated Measurement System Analysis toolbar. Utilize it to design, execute, and publish results in sophisticated and content-rich Excel templates, facilitating comprehensive analysis of your measurement systems.