QC-Sort Measurement Software Prolink - Indicate Technologies


QC-Sort is a nonstatistical, inspection sorting application that is used in conjunction with QC-CALC Real-Time to quickly identify bad parts on a multiple-part inspection fixture. QC-Sort makes it easy for operators to inspect parts remove problem parts from the fixture by using color coded squares to identify the out-of-spec parts. QC-Sort is adjustable and easily configured to display the physical layout of your parts as they are fixtured.

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QC-Sort data sorting software takes the information from QC-CALC Real-Time and looks at it by a set number of parts that you configure. The parts are then laid out to match the specified fixturing. If any feature on a part is out of specification, that part is considered a bad part. QC-Sort displays the corresponding rectangle for that part in red. All good parts are displayed in green.

In addition, an optional history panel can show you (up to) the last 5 sets of previous results.

The picture on the right shows a 20 part fixture in a 5x4 arrangement. As can be seen, parts 17 and 20 are bad and should be thrown away or reworked.