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BigRep's PA12 CF represents a robust and heat-resistant filament with engineering-grade properties. Possessing stiffness, durability, and exceptional surface quality, PA12 CF proves to be well-suited for various professional tooling and automotive applications. It serves as an ideal choice for the production of functional parts across diverse industries, eliminating the need for additional chemical or mechanical post-processing. The printed parts are ready for immediate use.


Infused with 10% chopped carbon fibers, this filament is particularly advantageous for functional applications typically associated with ABS, including jigs, fixtures, grippers, and end-of-arm parts. The high resistance and durability of PA12 CF make it a reliable option for continuous production activities subjected to long-term stress. Its ability to endure elevated temperatures and pressure in an autoclave renders it a perfect solution for carbon fiber molding. Notably user-friendly, BigRep PA12 CF is an engineered material optimized for hassle-free large-format 3D printing on BigRep machines



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BigRep PA12 CF Filament


BigRep PA12 CF Starter Pack
3 x 5kg PA12 CF, 1 x ACE TC Hotend 0.6mm


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15 x 5kg, 1 x ACE TC Hotend 0.6mm


NB! The PA12 CF is compatible ONLY with the BigRep PRO and ACE TC (Tungsten) Hotend.

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What is PA12 CF 3D Printing Filament?

PA12 CF stands out as an advanced engineering-grade filament recognized for its impressive mechanical, thermal, and chemical characteristics. The composition primarily revolves around Nylon 12 (PA12), a versatile polymer widely employed in various industries such as packaging, food manufacturing, and electronics. This filament is fortified with 10% chopped carbon fiber, a reinforcement that significantly enhances its stiffness, heat resistance, and durability. Consequently, the 3D printing filament finds expanded utility in diverse industrial applications.

In alignment with BigRep's commitment to quality, PA12 CF has been fine-tuned for optimal performance in large-format 3D printing. While specifically engineered for compatibility with the BigRep PRO, it is versatile enough for use with fused filament fabrication (FFF) systems featuring open materials and 2.85 mm diameter nozzles. Key attributes of this material include high strength, heat resistance, durability, stiffness, and impeccable surface quality—qualities that manifest immediately upon completion of the 3D printing process.

Why Use BigRep PA12 CF Filament?

The impressive combination of high strength and heat resistance positions PA12 CF as a highly suitable option for a diverse array of functional applications. Widely utilized in the field of industrial tooling, this 3D printing material from BigRep is instrumental in crafting molds, jigs, fixtures, as well as grippers and robotic end-of-arm attachments. Its resilience allows PA12 CF parts to endure the rigorous conditions of industrial manufacturing environments, ensuring reliable performance when integrated with various machinery and industrial processes.

Beyond its role in tooling, PA12 CF finds application in end-use scenarios across multiple industries, including automotive, electronics, and engineering. Boasting a high heat deflection temperature of up to 130°C and exceptional long-term durability, this Nylon-based filament stands out as a preferred choice for applications involving the replacement of metal. Notably, when compared to printed metals, PA12 CF offers a more cost-effective and lightweight alternative.

Benefits of 3D Printing BigRep PA12 CF

PA12 CF stands as the most robust 3D printing material in BigRep's lineup, boasting an impressive tensile strength of 71 MPa. In direct comparison, HI-TEMP CF exhibits a tensile strength of 65 MPa, while ABS lags behind with a tensile strength of 30 MPa. This signifies that components crafted from PA12 CF can endure higher levels of stress before reaching the point of failure, highlighting its superior strength characteristics compared to other materials in the BigRep portfolio.
For applications requiring resilience in high-temperature environments, PA12 CF proves to be a reliable choice. With an outstanding heat deflection temperature (HDT) reaching up to 130°C, it surpasses the capabilities of BigRep's other high-temperature material, HI-TEMP CF, which has an HDT of 115°C. 
It's worth noting that the effective use of PA12 CF does necessitate specific printing conditions, including a high nozzle temperature ranging between 270 and 300 °C, along with a moderate print bed heat in the range of 40 to 60 °C. This combination of features makes PA12 CF well-suited for scenarios where enduring high temperatures while maintaining strength is crucial.
PA12 CF distinguishes itself with excellent chemical resistance. This large-format filament demonstrates resilience against a diverse range of chemicals, encompassing bases, alcohols, oils, and salts, without experiencing adverse effects. This robust chemical resistance significantly enhances the durability of components produced with PA12 CF, making it a reliable choice for functional applications that may encounter exposure to various chemical substances.
3D printing with PA12 CF filament offers users significant advantages, with ease of use and minimal post-processing standing out as key benefits. Straight off the 3D printer, this large-format filament presents a smooth surface finish, often eliminating the need for additional chemical or mechanical post-processing. This feature translates into substantial time and resource savings, as users can seamlessly incorporate the printed component directly from the build platform.

During the printing process itself, PA12 CF exhibits distinct advantages. The inclusion of carbon fibers in the Nylon 12 matrix plays a crucial role in reducing warping on the print bed. This not only enhances the reliability of the printing process but also facilitates the creation of more intricate part geometries. Optimal print results are attainable by utilizing a suitable print bed surface, such as the BigRep SWITCHPLATE designed for use with the BigRep PRO.

To fully leverage the benefits of BigRep PA12 CF filament and unlock its inherent properties, it is essential to employ the correct combination of print settings during the 3D printing process.

What to Look Out for When 3D Printing BigRep PA12 CF

When working with PA12 CF or similar carbon fiber reinforced filaments, it is essential to update your 3D printer hardware. The abrasive nature of the fibers can rapidly wear down standard brass nozzles. Therefore, it is advisable to use a wear-resistant nozzle, such as a hardened steel nozzle, to ensure prolonged durability when printing PA12 CF. In comparison to BigRep's other carbon fiber filament, HI-TEMP CF, PA12 CF comes with more demanding hardware requirements, particularly concerning nozzle temperature.

Despite being stiffer than neat filaments, carbon fiber reinforced filaments like PA12 CF tend to be more brittle. To address this, strategic orientation of parts on the build platform is recommended to ensure optimal strength in the direction of anticipated stresses and loads. Additionally, for those planning post-processing of PA12 CF parts, the material is compatible with various techniques, including sanding, drilling, milling, as well as coatings such as fillers, paints, and epoxies. During post-processing, it is crucial to wear suitable protective gear, including safety glasses, gloves, and a dust mask.

Best Practices for Storing and Handling BigRep PA12 CF

To optimize the resilient properties and final print quality of PA12 CF, adhering to proper storage and handling guidelines is crucial. PA12 CF is highly hygroscopic, meaning it readily absorbs moisture from the air. If stored in a humid environment, the material's quality may degrade, leading to potential printing issues such as stringing.

To mitigate moisture-related problems, it is recommended to store PA12 CF filament spools in a dry environment, such as the BigRep SHIELD or BigRep Keep Dry Box, especially after the spools have been opened. Additionally, users can pre-dry PA12 CF filament before printing by exposing it to 80°C for 6 to 8 hours.

Given the high printing temperatures required for this material, users should exercise caution and refrain from touching the printer nozzle or melted filament. Adequate ventilation in the printing environment is advisable, as with all filaments, and personal protective equipment should be worn during any post-processing activities.

Use Cases: 
Recommended Applications for BigRep PA12 CF

PA12 CF, within the diverse range of filaments offered by BigRep, stands out as the top performer in terms of heat resistance and strength. These exceptional qualities, combined with its impressive chemical resistance, position the filament as an ideal choice for a wide array of industrial applications. Notably, it finds application in the production of molds designed for multiple production rounds, jigs and fixtures, as well as various end-use components.

In industries with stringent demands, such as aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing, PA12 CF, alongside BigRep's other carbon fiber filament HI-TEMP CF, has garnered significant interest. Particularly in manufacturing, where custom tools capable of withstanding the rapid pace and pressures of industrial processes are essential.

Within the automotive sector, PA12 CF proves to be an excellent choice for manufacturing large-format end-use parts. Leveraging the capabilities of the BigRep PRO platform, automotive manufacturers benefit from the material's outstanding resolution and surface finish, significantly reducing the time and cost associated with post-processing, especially when compared to near-net composite parts. The material's impressive strength-to-weight ratio is an attractive feature for automotive applications, allowing for increased fuel efficiency by reducing weight without compromising on durability and performance.

PA12 CF also finds a notable application in carbon fiber molding. Engineered to withstand high temperatures and pressures, as encountered in an autoclave environment during the carbon fiber curing process, the filament is suitable for producing large and intricate cure tools. Printing the mold directly eliminates the need for a master pattern, streamlining the carbon fiber production process.

BigRep PA12 CF Filament Configurations




Polyamide 12 Carbon Fiber

Filament Sizes
5.0 kg

2.85 mm

1.06 g/cm³

Flexural Modulus (ISO 178)
3500 MPa

Tensile Strength (ISO 527)
71 MPa

Impact Strength, notched (ISO 179)
12.5 kJ/m²


Nozzle Temperature
270 - 300 °C

Print Bed Temperature
>40-60 °C

Environmental Temperature

Printing Speed
> 30-60mm/s