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From crafting measurement routines for components to overseeing the operation of an OGP system within a production setting, Measure-X® metrology software provides robust capabilities without complexity.


Measure-X® includes a comprehensive array of image processing tools, autofocus functionalities, geometric features, ANSI/ISO tolerances, user-friendly editing options, and contour analysis.


With compatibility extending to touch probes, lasers, and rotary indexers, Measure-X stands out as the optimal selection for versatile video and multisensor metrology applications.


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Easy to Use – The screen layout of Measure-X is simple to learn and use. Measure and see results directly in the real-time video display window. The Program Toolbox is logically designed with large easily identifiable icons for direct access to measurement, construction, and analysis functions.

Walk-Up and Measure – Position, focus, and measure a part feature in the video window. Set axis alignments and define datums. Create constructions to define relationships between discrete part features. Each action becomes a step in a part routine you can save to repeat later automatically Program from CAD – Import DXF and other popular 2D CAD file formats for automatic generation of measurement routines. Simply load the CAD file and select features to be measured. Measure-X does the programming for you!

Measure-X has three functions to allow for a range of different uses from fast walk-up measurements, to complex GD&T analysis:

Measure – With the Measure Tab selected, detailed measurement tasks can be performed.

Program Mode: Measurements can be taken and programs can be created. An operator creates a program by making measurements as usual with a video measurement system or from a CAD file of the part.

Run Mode: A pre-set selection of a desired routines is available for the operator to select.

SnapShot™ Mode: (SNAP systems only) Place the part on the stage, press Go. The image is scanned and Feature Extracts all discernible features. Images may be viewed with no further action, or the features can be turned into measured steps for a program.

Compare – The most basic measurement. No variable data, a widely accepted method of quickly assessing part acceptability. The Compare Tab is selected, a CAD file is imported, and the operator is able to fit the part image to the CAD overlay on the monitor. This allows the user the ability to use effective surface illumination, easy to maintain CAD overlays, and the option to change mag with the same overlay – all within a smaller footprint versus a traditional optical comparator.

Analyze – Users have the ability to address more complex GD&T requirements such as profile, and true position of features when datum features of size allow mobility on the feature and the datums. The display and reporting capabilities with Analyze provide both graphical, color coded whiskers of deviation, and GD&T callouts on the part CAD. Analyze is seamless with Measure functions.

Measure-X is the exclusive metrology software on SmartScope E-Series, StarLite, c-vision and Contour Projectors with VidiProbe, and is available on SNAP, SmartScope Flash and SmartScope ZIP systems.

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