EVOLVE Design - Measurement Software - OGP - Indicate Technologies
EVOLVE Design - Measurement Software - OGP - Indicate Technologies
EVOLVE Design - Measurement Software - OGP - Indicate Technologies
EVOLVE Design - Measurement Software - OGP - Indicate Technologies


Effortlessly incorporate and verify GD&T within your CAD models

EVOLVE Design is advanced Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) tolerancing software designed to assist engineers in accurately applying GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing) tolerances to their CAD models.

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    EVOLVE Design

    Implement GD&T accurately and in proper syntax within your 3D model

    CAD Verification
    Verify your CAD model's GD&T and receive valuable suggestions for enhancements
    Gain insights from context-specific explanations that point to relevant sections of the standards

    Remove inefficiencies and errors associated with manually transcribing GD&T.


    EVOLVE Design meticulously validates your GD&T (GPS) tolerances within the model. It actively identifies potential tolerance issues and offers recommendations via its explanatory system, aligning with the chosen GD&T standard.

    The EVOLVE Design suite includes the Tolerance Stackup and Point Generator tools, aiding in comprehending the repercussions of selected tolerances.
    1. CAD and PMI Import
    Import CAD files in various formats, such as STEP, IGES, DXF, and QIF.
    Incorporate CAD models with PMI data, including GD&T (datums and tolerances) from QIF and STEP 242 files.

    2. Tolerance Definition
    Define GD&T (GPS) tolerances based on the selected standard (ASME Y14.5M – 1994, ASME Y14.5 – 2009, or ISO 1101).
    The EVOLVE Design Explanatory System dynamically adapts to application changes, offering context-specific information.

    3. GD&T (GPS) Validation
    A robust GD&T (GPS) engine thoroughly examines the entire model, promptly flagging tolerance errors and warnings.
    Detected issues are clearly elucidated and supported by links to the pertinent standard sections.

    4. Report Generation and Project Saving
    After addressing proofing issues, changes to GD&T (GPS) can be saved as a report or a project for future reference.
    These modifications can be effortlessly integrated into other EVOLVE products.
    Customize graphical reports, save templates, and export reports in PDF format.

    Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) tolerancing software:

    • Precisely implement functional and syntactically accurate GD&T (GPS) tolerances within 3D CAD models.
    • Verify tolerances and receive valuable guidance.
    • Access context-sensitive explanations directly related to specific standards sections.
    • Seamlessly communicate with downstream processes.
    • Eradicate inefficiencies and errors in GD&T (GPS) transcriptions.