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MeasureMind 3D

MeasureMind 3D, a comprehensive multi-sensor metrology software, enables the measurement of intricate components and provides essential support for various sensors, including single and compound rotary indexers. This flexibility empowers operators to conduct measurements on OGP systems, covering a spectrum from simple geometric forms to intricate free-form shapes.



The software establishes a highly adaptable datum environment in alignment with ISO and ASME standards. This includes datum levelling from any plane or feature with an axis, datum origin from any feature with a single location, and datum rotation from any point relative to the origin.


Users can gather data from single or combined sensors for 3D measurement, encompassing cylinders, cones, spheres, planes, intersections, and 2D features.


Interactive data processing facilitates the creation of graphical models, showcasing comprehensive quantitative results for the part. The software allows selective display of measured features, nominal features, and/or raw data points. Users can choose orthographic or isometric views, enabling a thorough examination of the part model from various perspectives through interactive rotation, panning, and one-click zooming.


As the premier control and acquisition software for specific OGP video and multi-sensor measuring systems, MeasureMind 3D offers rendered 3D models with color-keyed tolerancing. Additional features include support for continuous scanning probes, SoftSectioner, projection of measured features in selected planes, video image processing sensor support, touch probe, laser sensor support, and compatibility with true fourth and fifth axis measuring using optional rotary tables.