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INTAMSYS PC-PBT (PolyCarbonate/PolyButylece Terephthalate polymer blend) is a thermoplastic alloy, which is designed specifically for FFF 3D printing. It offers good heat resistance and toughness at low temperature (-20 ̊C/-30 ̊C), and also features good chemical resistance.

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- High corrosion resistance
- Maintains high toughness at low temperatures
- Superior impact strength


Intamsys PC-PBT is a 3D printing filament that combines the high strength, toughness, and temperature resistance of polycarbonate (PC) with the flexibility and chemical resistance of polybutylene terephthalate (PBT). Here are some common applications for Intamsys PC-PBT:

Automotive parts: Intamsys PC-PBT is often used to create automotive parts such as structural components, engine parts, and under-the-hood components that require high strength, temperature resistance, and chemical resistance.

Electrical and electronic components: The combination of high strength, temperature resistance, and chemical resistance make Intamsys PC-PBT an ideal material for creating electrical and electronic components such as housings, connectors, and insulators.

Consumer goods: Intamsys PC-PBT is also used to create a range of consumer goods such as phone cases, sports equipment, and household appliances, where the combination of strength, flexibility, and chemical resistance is important.

Aerospace components: Due to its high strength, toughness, temperature resistance, and chemical resistance, Intamsys PC-PBT is used to create components for aerospace applications such as aircraft interiors and structural parts.

Medical devices: Intamsys PC-PBT is used to create medical devices and equipment such as surgical instruments, braces, and prosthetics that require high strength, flexibility, and chemical resistance.

Overall, Intamsys PC-PBT is a versatile material that combines the best properties of polycarbonate and polybutylene terephthalate, making it suitable for a wide range of applications where strength, temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and flexibility are required.


- Funmat HT
- Funmat Pro 410
- Funmat Pro 610HT

- Match support material: HIPS