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Enterprise Data Loader

Enterprise Data Loader (EDL) database synchronization software typically resides on a central server at each plant. It is responsible for converting and synchronizing data from one QC-CALC database with another. Our EDL data synchronization software is actually two applications; the EDL Client and EDL Load Service.

  • EDL Client is a normal Windows application that provides a fast and easy way of setting up events for loading, exporting, or archiving data.
  • The EDL Load Service runs as a Windows Service even when the PC/Server is logged off. This allows you to deploy the application to a server within IT and schedule your events with the confidence that they will run.


In Enterprise Data Loader, you set up events synchronizing your QC-CALC part files with a central database. As of EDL 4.0+, EDL database events can load, export, and archive to and from QCQ files and SQL Server databases.

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