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Dataloop Software Polyworks - Indicate Technologies
Dataloop Software Polyworks - Indicate Technologies


The digital connectivity solution that interconnects all the people that capture or need access to 3D measurement information.

PolyWorks|DataLoop™ revolutionizes data management, enabling enterprise-wide 3D measurement data sharing, fostering digital transformation, and enhancing teamwork among all team members involved in 3D measurement information capture or access.


Robust 3D Measurement Data Management

PolyWorks|DataLoop offers scalable data management to efficiently handle extensive 3D measurement data generated from inspection projects, revisions, and measurement data.
Centralize 3d measurement data storage
Secure your valuable 3D measurement data on a robust, redundant storage system for worry-free data protection.

Customize hardware to suit your business requirements.
Choose on-premises or rapid Azure/AWS cloud deployment for our data management system.

Automate file and folder handling.
Automate project file and folder management to prevent data corruption from manual processes.
Enhance data transfer speed to its maximum potential.
Effortlessly download and upload projects with lightning-fast speeds, thanks to smart caching and efficient data transfer methods.

Reduce disk space usage to a minimum.
Reuse already-stored scanned data or CAD models when creating new projects without using additional disk space.


Data Access Made Easy

Enhance Team Efficiency with Digital Connectivity

Empowering Data for Manufacturing Mastery

Enterprise-Ready Solution Aligning with Your IT Team's Needs

Data Access Made Easy
Locate inspection projects by entering part numbers and retrieve 3D measurement data for defective pieces using serial numbers effortlessly. No more tedious file or folder browsing on local or network disks. Welcome to the era of PolyWorks|DataLoop, where you search for meaningful content!

Catalog Your Crucial Data

Identify essential information in your components and procedures, then employ custom properties to catalog them within the database.

Effortlessly Locate Projects and Measurements

Seamlessly discover and access archived projects and measurements by searching using indexed properties.

Streamline Searches with Filters

Expedite your searches by applying robust filtering options to refine results and pinpoint the desired data.

Manage Project Access Privileges

Regulate project access to safeguard templates from alterations or establish a restricted gateway for external collaborators.
Enhance Team Efficiency with Digital Connectivity
PolyWorks|DataLoop revolutionizes workflows and team dynamics for those involved in 3D measurement data by offering a versatile multiplatform digital framework, communication tools, and concurrent access. This enables teams to collaboratively review, edit, and measure inspection projects in real-time.

Assess data via web or mobile interfaces.

Reach colleagues who do not have access to PolyWorks or are not in front of their computers in order to review 3D measurement data collaboratively.

Instantly share 3D measurement data.

Send a clickable hyperlink to a colleague for direct access to an inspection project in 3D, with a predefined perspective.

Discuss dimensional concerns directly with colleagues.

Initiate a discussion thread in an inspection project and mention specific colleagues for digital collaboration.

Initiate urgent investigation tasks effortlessly.

Collaborate with up to five unlicensed users annually at no additional charge when addressing critical manufacturing issues.

Enhance inspection projects through collaborative efforts.

Collaborate on an inspection project with colleagues and receive notifications when a colleague uploads an updated piece.

Simultaneously measure multiple pieces.

Measure and upload multiple pieces from various sites simultaneously within a single project.
Empowering Data for Manufacturing Mastery
Utilize PolyWorks|DataLoop's real-time responsiveness to monitor dimensional trends and statistics in your production, enabling prompt resolution of manufacturing issues as they arise.

Access and utilize 3D inspection data instantly upon upload.

Analyze the latest 3D inspection data or observe how new data affects statistics immediately upon upload to the database.

Visualize Dimensional Trends and Statistics in Real Time

Track the progression of individual dimensional controls and piece-wide statistics by utilizing web-based visual widgets to explore the extensive 3D measurement database.

Automated Tracking of Inspection Criteria

Implement automated alerts to continuously monitor incoming measurements and promptly alert designated personnel when a dimension falls out of tolerance or control.

Accelerate Manufacturing Issue Resolution

Swiftly pinpoint the root causes of manufacturing problems through automated statistical analyses of associations. Identify factors affecting production quality and review results in a comprehensible format with clear graphical support.
Enterprise-Ready Solution Aligning with Your IT Team's Needs
PolyWorks|DataLoop provides the complete features anticipated by your IT team for a professional data management solution, guaranteeing a seamless integration into your enterprise workflows.

Effortlessly Set Up the System

Use a user-friendly configuration tool to establish databases, configure parameters, review data, and conduct system testing.

Enable Widespread Access with DataLoop

Grant enterprise-wide and external supplier access by seamlessly integrating PolyWorks|DataLoop with your corporate identity server through Azure AD or the SAML 2.0 authentication protocol.

Ensure Security with HTTPS Encryption and Access Tokens

Protect sensitive information with HTTPS encryption and industry-standard security practices, including access token security.

Efficiently Back Up 3D Measurement Data

Securely back up your entire 3D measurement data to magnetic tape or an online storage service for efficient data preservation.