C500 Solutionix (Showroom Equipment) - 3D Scanners - Artec 3D - Indicate Technologies
C500 Solutionix (Showroom Equipment) - 3D Scanners - Artec 3D - Indicate Technologies

C500 Solutionix (Showroom Equipment)

3d structure light scanner, 4 sets of lenses, integrated software, automatic turntable and smart positioning


This listing is for our C500 Solutionix showroom unit. Showroom systems have never been sold, have been used as a representative demonstrator, are evaluated and delivered at like-new conditions.


Contact us for an in-person or virtual demonstration of our C500 Solutionix and to discuss discount pricing for this showroom unit.


A High-Performance, Cost-Effective Solution

The Solutionix C500 features three distinct sensors, each with its own unique measurement area, ranging from 90mm to 500mm. These sensors are easily interchangeable and are equipped with 5.0 MP cameras and blue LED technology. The measurement areas are 90 / 175 / 350 / 500 mm, with point spacing of 0.028 / 0.056 / 0.11 / 0.157 mm. It interfaces via USB 3.0 B type and includes a 3-axis turntable with 2 rotation axes and 1 swing axis.


Effortless and Efficient 3D Data Acquisition

The Solutionix C500 offers a user-friendly and intuitive experience with its 'ezScan 2017' software, enabling rapid 3D data acquisition. Blue light technology ensures highly detailed scan data, and the C500's compact design maximizes workspace efficiency.


Optimized for High-Quality 3D Scan Data Acquisition

Equipped with dual high-resolution cameras, the Solutionix C500 delivers superior 3D scan data quality across four scanning areas: 90, 175, 350, and 500mm. The included 3-axis turntable facilitates easy and efficient use for users of all levels.


Fast and Easy Calibration

The Solutionix C500 eliminates complex calibrations. After installing the calibration panel, the calibration wizard guides users through an automated process with a simple click, making it accessible to anyone in the office.


Quick and Easy Auto-Scanning for All Users

The TA300+ is tailored for the automatic scanning of small and medium-sized objects, accommodating items up to 10kg and 380mm x 320mm (W x H). Its compact design allows for seamless operation even in tight spaces, offering rotation and swing movements for versatile scanning.

Rotation Axis : Provides ± 180° movement
Rotation (Base) Axis : Provides ± 175° movement
Swing Axis : Provides ± 40° movement 


The Ideal Solution for Various Applications

Using 3D scan data, users can automate quality control processes, compare measurements to nominal CAD models, and generate 3D color-coded deviation maps. This capability enables the identification and resolution of potential structural and functional defects through virtual system and product modeling