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BenchMike Pro

The BenchMike Pro is a non-contact benchtop gauging system offered by Beta LaserMike. It is designed to measure the diameter and ovality of a wide range of wire, cable, and other cylindrical products with high accuracy and repeatability. The system uses laser scanning technology to provide non-contact measurements, eliminating the risk of product damage or distortion.


The BenchMike Pro also features advanced software and data analysis tools, enabling users to perform statistical process control and quality analysis. This product is ideal for industries that require precise measurement of cylindrical products, such as wire and cable manufacturing, extrusion, and medical device production.


Product Features

Industry-Leading Gauge
Installed in over 15,000 locations worldwide at top manufacturers.

Most Accurate Measurements
Leading manufacturers use BenchMike's accuracy of ±0.9 μm and repeatability of ±0.25 μm to produce high-quality products with precise measurements.

BenchMike's non-contact feature eliminates measurement errors caused by operators and prevents distortion or scratching of the product surface.
Easiest System to Use
The BenchMike Pro is incredibly easy to use thanks to its intuitive touch-screen GUI, easily accessible product recipe library, and flexible I/O integration.

Industry 4.0 Ready
Unlock powerful Ethernet connectivity, communication, and control capabilities with our solution.

Superior Support
NDC's worldwide customer service organization is available 24/7 via myNDC cloud service to support all our systems.

Product Video

Watch the product video for the Beta LaserMike BenchMike Pro: