Micro II - 3D Scanners - Artec 3D - Indicate Technologies
Micro II - 3D Scanners - Artec 3D - Indicate Technologies
Micro II - 3D Scanners - Artec 3D - Indicate Technologies
Micro II - 3D Scanners - Artec 3D - Indicate Technologies
Micro II - 3D Scanners - Artec 3D - Indicate Technologies
Micro II - 3D Scanners - Artec 3D - Indicate Technologies
Micro II - 3D Scanners - Artec 3D - Indicate Technologies

Micro II

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Equipped with even greater accuracy, a larger field of view, and the same compact form as its predecessor, the fully automated desktop 3D scanner Micro II allows users to make professional reverse engineering and quality inspection effortless. Activated by a simple click of a button, this 3D scanner for small objects provides a stringent 5-micron accuracy to create highly precise, full-color 3D models of industrial parts, dental, and jewelry. Or, combine scans with photogrammetry data to take hyper-realism to a whole new level, right on your desktop.



  • 1-click workflow
  • Great for small parts up to 20cm in size
  • 5-micron accuracy, 2-micron repeatability
  • 4 x 13 MP cameras
  • Full color scans

Product Features

High precision
Capture every detail of your object with the Artec Micro II and its astounding 5-micron accuracy and 2-micron repeatability for consistent results.

Compact size
The Artec Micro II is designed to be a compact, desktop scanner, making it easy to move and use in any workspace.

Automatic scanning
Choose the automatic scanning path in the software settings before starting a scan, and let the scanner choose the optimal trajectory and number of frames needed to fully capture the object.

Deep view
Get deeper into the nooks of your object with the scanner’s quad-cam scanning technique: four specially positioned 13 MPX cameras to capture hard-to-see areas for high-level digitization..
Scan the finer things
Digitize a wide range of sizes, from tiny items you can hold between two fingers up to those that sit in the palm of your hand (20 × 20 × 15 cm).

Texture capture
Scan your objects in full color with Micro II. For hyper-realistic 3D models, add color from high-res photos using Artec Studio’s photo-texturing feature.

Micro II is the best 3D scanner for reverse engineering, quality control, inspection, dentistry, jewelry, design, and for scanning small objects with ultra-high accuracy.

Software ecosystem
With your MIcro II 3D scan data, you can quickly and easily inspect and reverse engineer right in Artec Studio or export directly to SOLIDWORKS or Geomagic Design X – or for inspection, directly to Control X for in-depth reports.

Technical Specifications





Scanner type

Light source
3D light source RGB LED
2D light source RGB LED

Ability to capture texture: Scanner native & phototexture
Colors: 24 bpp

3D point accuracy: 5 microns, 2 micron repeatability

Cameras 4 × 13 MP resolution cameras

Scanning rate
Data acquisition speed 1 mln points/s


Scanner Size
Dimensions (HxDxW): 396 × 405 × 337 mm

Weight: 12 kg / 26.7 lb

Field of view
Volume capture: 6000 cm³ (18.5 times larger than Micro I)
Field of view: 20 x 20 x 15 cm
Scan system: 3-axis


USB 3.0

Output formats
- 3D mesh formats: OBJ, PLY, WRL, STL, AOP, ASC, PTX, E57, XYZRGB
- 3D point cloud formats: BTX, PTX
- CAD formats: STEP, IGES, x_t
- Formats for measurements: CSV, DXF, XML
Working power supply
AC power

Computer requirements
Supported OS: Windows 10 (x64), Windows 11
Recommended computer requirements: Intel Core i7 or i9, 64+ GB RAM, NVIDIA GPU with at least 3 GB VRAM, CUDA 3.5+
Minimum computer requirements:
Intel Core i5, i7, or i9, 32GB RAM, GPU with 2 GB VRAM

Introducing Artec Micro II