Leo - 3D Scanners - Artec 3D - Indicate Technologies
Leo - 3D Scanners - Artec 3D - Indicate Technologies
Leo - 3D Scanners - Artec 3D - Indicate Technologies
Leo - 3D Scanners - Artec 3D - Indicate Technologies
Leo - 3D Scanners - Artec 3D - Indicate Technologies
Leo - 3D Scanners - Artec 3D - Indicate Technologies
Leo - 3D Scanners - Artec 3D - Indicate Technologies


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Thanks to it's powerful embedded processor and it's built-in battery, Artec Leo gives you true freedom in 3D scanning. With no need to connect to a computer or plug into a main power source, you can hold Leo in one hand and walk around freely, scanning your object unhampered by any wires or additional equipment. Purchase supplementary battery modules for unlimited 3D scanning on expeditions or in remote areas with no power supply.



- The only truly wireless professional 3D scanner in the world

- Integrated 5.5" intuitive touch display

- Powerful hybrid geometry and texture tracking removes the need for trackers

- Built-in 512 GB SSD and Micro SD card slot for unlimited storage

- 3D HDR easily captures black or shiny surfaces

SKU: ART-400010

Product Features

Truly Wireless
Artec Leo's built-in battery, touch panel screen, and wireless connectivity takes handheld 3D scanning to the next level. Stream video to a second device via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, if an additional display is needed, and upload your data at the touch of a button. 

Balanced Ergonomic Design 
Devised to make 3D scanning in one hand easy and comfortable.

Scan Large Objects Quicker
With its large field of view, Artec Leo can capture huge volumes in minimum time.

Capture Small Details
Sweep over large areas fast, zoom in on detailed areas for increased precision.

Enhanced Color Capture
VCSEL light technology enables Artec Leo to excel in its ability to digitize hard-to-scan textures, including skin, even in bright conditions. This technology also allows you to regulate the intensity of the flash to improve color capture even further. 

Simple Interface
The touch diplay provides real-time 3D model viewing and an easy touchscreen interface
A wealth of integration possibilities
The head of the scanner can be mounted to a robotic arm or a conveyor system for automated 3D scanning, or synced with multiple devices and used in multi 3D scanner installations.

Built-in 9 DoF Intertial System
The internal accelerometer, gyro, and compass mean that Artec Leo is the only handheld 3D scanner to be able to precisely pinpoint its position within its surroundings, even differentiating between horizontal and vertical surfaces, such as floors and walls.

Unparalleled Texture to Geometry Mapping
Leo features a unique optical system developed by Artec 3D, with the 3D camera and color camera combined and directed through the same lens. This technology provides the most advanced texture to geometry mapping.

The smartest 3D scanner on the market
Artec Leo contains state-of-the-art technologies, including the NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2 quad-core ARM® Cortex®-A57 MPCore CPU and NVIDIA Maxwell™ 1 TFLOPS GPU with 256 NVIDIA® CUDA® Cores.

Technical Specifications



Computer Requirements

Output and Power


  • Position sensors: Built-in 9 DoF inertial system
  • Display/touchscreen: Integrated 5.5" half HD, CTP. Optional: Wi-Fi/Ethernet video streaming to external device
  • Multi-core processing: Embedded processors; NVIDIA® Jetson™, TX2 Quad-core ARM® Cortex®-A57 MPCore Processor, NVIDIA Maxwell™ 1.33 TFLOPS GPU with 256 NVIDIA® CUDA® Cores
  • Internal hard drive: 512 GB SSD

  • HD Mode: Yes
  • Hybrid geometry and texture tracking: Yes
  • Data processing algorithms: Geometry and texture based
  • Auto background removal: Yes

Light Source
  • 3D light source: VCSEL
  • 2D light source: White 12 LED array

  • Dimensions, HxDxW: 231×162×230 mm
  • Weight: 2.6 kg/5.7 lbs


Accuracy & Resolution
  • 3D point accuracy, up to: 0.1 mm
  • 3D resolution, up to: 0.2 mm
  • 3D accuracy over distance, up to: 0.1 mm + 0.3 mm/m

Capture Rate
  • 3D reconstruction rate for real-time fusion, up to: 22 fps
  • 3D reconstruction rate for 3D video recording, up to: 44 fps
  • 3D reconstruction rate for 3D video streaming, up to: 80 fps
  • Data acquisition speed, up to: 35 million points/s
  • 3D exposure time: 0.0002 s
  • 2D exposure time: 0.0002 s
Field of View
  • Working distance: 0.35 – 1.2 m
  • Volume capture zone: 160,000 cm³
  • Linear field of view, H×W @ closest range: 244×142 mm
  • Linear field of view, H×W @ furthest range: 838×488 mm
  • Angular field of view, H×W: 38.5×23°

  • Ability to capture texture: Yes
  • Texture resolution: 2.3 mp
  • Colors: 24 bpp
  • Ability to use Photo Texture: Yes

Computer Requirements

Supported OS
  • Scanning: No computer required
  • Data processing: Windows 8.1, 10 (x64), Windows 11

Recommended CPU requirements
  • Intel Core i7 or i9, 64+ GB RAM
  • NVIDIA GPU with 8+ GB VRAM, CUDA 6.0+
Minimum CPU requirements
  • Intel Core i7 or i9, 32 GB RAM
  • NVIDIA GPU with CUDA 6.0+ and at least 4 GB VRAM
  • Intel Core i5, i7 or i9 and 32GB RAM
  • GPU with 2 GB RAM

Output and Power

Output formats
  • 3D mesh formats: OBJ, PLY, WRL, STL, AOP, ASC, PTX, E57, XYZRGB
  • 3D point cloud formats: BTX, PTX
  • CAD formats: STEP, IGES, x_t
  • Formats for measurements: CSV, DXF, XML
Interface mode
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet, SD card

Power Source
  • Built-in exchangeable battery, optional AC power


Introducing the Artec Leo