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The mixed reality solution that enhances your perception of 3D metrology.

PolyWorks|AR™ provides immersive visual interfaces and intuitive interactions that enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your 3D measurement processes by integrating Microsoft HoloLens smart glasses into your inspection tasks.


Transformed 3D metrology applications.

Overlay vibrant holographic elements onto measured objects and engage in remote interactions with a PolyWorks|Inspector™ session.
Enhance the performance of your probing operations by:
Providing guidance geometry and measurement instructions overlaid on the probed object, along with real-time display of probed points and measurement results.

For scanning tasks, achieve high-quality 3D scans by:
Utilizing real-time feedback with the holographic PolyWorks|Inspector 3D Scene window, allowing you to monitor scanning progress, address areas with insufficient data quality, and precisely identify where additional scanning is required.
During laser-tracker-based measurement sessions, expedite the process by:
Employing gestures to remotely redirect the laser beam, locate targets, switch reflector types, or adjust probing modes as needed.

For guiding assembly processes, facilitate precision with:
Displaying digital readouts, axial deviations, and guidance arrows directly in your field of vision while positioning machinery, tools, or fixtures accurately.
To ensure traceability in digital gauging:
Automatically capture and store a photo showing the digital gauge, the measured object, and the guidance hologram when measuring a dimension.
Efficiently visualize defects in large objects by:
Overlaying 3D measurement results onto extensive measured pieces, allowing you to review them with a colleague wearing smart glasses or by sharing your mixed reality view through Microsoft Teams.


Reinvented Technologies

Reinvented Technologies
Polyworks AR has harnessed potent algorithms and maximized the cutting-edge hardware and software capabilities of HoloLens devices to revolutionize the user experience for 3D measurement experts.

Achieve device localization through hologram alignment

Align the hologram of a CAD model with a physical object to position and orient your smart glasses within the part's coordinate system.

Efficiently manage multiple device locations

Preconfigure multiple device locations and associate them with QR codes, enabling instant localization by simply gazing at a QR code.

Enjoy intuitive gesture interactions

Use natural hand gestures to access menus, adjust settings, initiate functions, and manipulate 3D geometry effortlessly.

Capture mixed reality images

Document your perspective with mixed reality photos for purposes such as documentation, analysis, or traceability.

Share mixed reality views collaboratively

Utilize Microsoft Teams to invite colleagues and jointly examine inspection results by sharing your mixed reality perspective.