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Blue Scanning Spray - Scanning Spray - AESUB - Indicate Technologies

Blue Scanning Spray

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AESUB blue is a self-vanishing 3D scanning spray developed by scanning experts. The spray evaporates within a few hours, meaning that there is no need for cleaning after scanning. Unlike traditional sprays, AESUB blue does not contain pigments and thus avoids pigment contamination of sensitive areas, such as laboratories and production sites, equipment, and users. Free of titanium dioxide. You can therefore apply AESUB blue directly, on the spot of scanning, without any costly transport to avoid said pigment contamination in sensitive areas. The AESUB products also offer AESUB white.

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AESUB blue scanning spray offers ideal conditions for optical scanning. Its thin, white coating, composed of agent, propellant, and solvent, optimizes material compatibility. Independent analysis confirms residue-free sublimation, ensuring a clean surface for accurate scanning.


AESUB Blue scanning spray facilitates and enables optical digitalization in a wide variety of industrial sectors and a range of applications:

- Automotive
- Engineering
- Aerospace
- Energy sector
- Tooling industry
- Architecture
- Plastic design / art
- Digital archiving
- Reverse engineering
- Optical metrology
- Research and development
- Process monitoring
- Inline scanning
- Measurement services
- Surface inspection

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White Scanning Spray

AESUB white spray applies a homogeneous, thin matting layer onto the surface of the object. It is developed for optimal contrast values in optical scanning applications. AESUB white contains pigments, propellant, and solvent and has been optimized with regard to material compatibility. The permanent spray sets new standards by optimizing the surface’s homogeneity and reducing layer thickness.

Unlike traditional sprays, AESUB white is free of titanium dioxide, associated with cancerogenic incidents through inhalation by the European Chemicals Agency.