Marcio's Corner - 3D Scanning of Cradle of Liberty 


Applications in Action

Marcio's primary focus during the scan was heritage preservation. With the 3D file at hand, artists possess the ability to recreate or guide restoration efforts in case of any unforeseen damage to the statue.

Furthermore, the scan offers a unique opportunity to track the passage of time. By conducting periodic scans over the years, we can unveil the subtle effects of the sun, wind, and environment on the statue's integrity, offering invaluable insights into its preservation.

But the impact doesn't end there. Imagine the power of sharing this masterpiece with a school on the opposite side of the globe. Through 3D printing, we can bring the beauty of this art to those who may not otherwise have access, enriching lives and sparking inspiration across continents

Marcio Adamy
3D Scanning Expert
Indicate Technologies

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