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Reverse Engineering Service

Empower your design-to-manufacturing process with precision measurement. At Indicate Technologies, we provide reverse engineering services using state-of-the-art CMMs, CT scanners, and 3D scanners. With advanced mesh-to-CAD software, we transform your physical part into fully editable CAD duplicates, ensuring confident decision-making at every step.

Our reverse engineering service allows our customers to bring existing physical objects into the digital realm. By converting physical parts into fully parametric and editable CAD duplicates, our customers gain the flexibility to modify, improve, and optimize their designs with ease. 

Our Equipment

We offer reverse engineering services using a range of measurement systems, including CMMs and 3D scanners. We work with our customers to determine the best measurement tool for the job, taking into account the dimensions of the part, the tolerances, and the required accuracy.

3D Scanning Systems


Specialized Measurement Systems

RX Solutions EasyTom S

This CT scanner uses X-ray technology to penetrate the object being inspected and create 2D cross-sectional images, which are then reconstructed into a 3D image using specialized software. The resulting 3D image can then be used for dimensional analysis, defect detection, reverse engineering, and other applications. 

OGP ShapeGrabber Ai620

A precision automated 3D laser scanner ideal for measuring complex shapes such as molded plastics, castings, stampings, and machined parts that are time-consuming, costly, and difficult to measure with a traditional CMM.

Solutionix C500

A structured-light 3D scanner that uses a combination of LED lighting and stereo cameras to capture high-resolution 3D models of physical objects. The scanner can capture 3D data with high accuracy and speed, allowing for fast and precise measurements of complex geometries with an accuracy of 10 microns.

Scantech SIMSCAN

A hand-sized, portable laser 3D scanner ideal for scanning narrow spaces or under large objects. Using a pattern of blue crossed lasers, this scanner can capture hard-to-reach geometry with an accuracy of 20 microns.


Artec Leo

Our fastest professional handheld 3D scanner. Encompassing the latest technologies in data capture, transfer, and processing, this untethered structured light 3D scanner enables us to scan anywhere with an accuracy of 100 microns.

OGP FlexPoint 7-Series

A high-accuracy large-format multisensor measurement machine featuring high-speed movement, air bearings, and an articulating probe head.

Equipped with Optics, TeleStar Probe, and Scanning Probe.

XYZ travel: 700 x 700 x 600 mm

OGP SmartScope Quest 600

A high-accuracy measurement system for large parts. Features TeleStar telecentric 10:1 zoom optics delivering accurate video performance.

Equipped with Optics, TeleStar Plus TTL Laser, Rainbow Probe, Feather Probe, and Scanning Probe.

XYZ travel: 450 x 600 x 250 mm

OGP Summit 600

A large area, high-accuracy CMM ideal for larger parts. This system features fast measurement speeds and advanced image processing.

Equipped with high-performance Optics, Scanning Probe, and Rainbow Probe.

XYZ travel: 450 x 600 x 150 mm

OGP SmartScope Flash 500

The Flash 500 is a large-capacity CMM featuring precision optics, flexible illumination, and multisensor versatility.

Equipped with Optics, TTL Laser, and Touch Probe.

XYZ Travel: 500 x 450 x 200 mm

Beta LaserMike

A non-contact benchtop gauging system designed to measure the diameter and ovality of a wide range of wire, cable, and other cylindrical products with high accuracy and repeatability. The system uses laser scanning technology to provide non-contact measurements, eliminating the risk of product damage or distortion.

Applications and Case Studies


Turbo Inlet Pipe Reverse Engineering - Automotive

Explore how we created a digital CAD copy of a turbo inlet pipe through precision reverse engineering. Discover how critical measurements and mating surfaces were were captured using 3D scanning.

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