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Metrology Training

At Indicate Technologies, we host several training courses dedicated to making your engineers feel more confident operating your software and measurement systems.

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ZONE3, Measure-X and MeasureMind 

Metrology Software
Multisensor CMM Systems

Basic Training: All basic functionality of the measurement software is covered in this two-part training course conducted at Indicate Technologies training centers or remotely as appropriate.

The classes provide both theoretical and practical understanding of the system, emphasizing principles and tools for robust edge finding and accurate, repeatable measurement. Participants take turns controlling the system, and complete hands-on homework to ensure practical understanding of:
  • The physical layout and components of the system
  • The effects of lighting
  • Manual measurement and the creation of automated measurement programs
  • Part orientation to the camera and fixturing
  • FeatureFinder and Advanced Focus Finder strategies
Sensor Support: Hands-on training and year-long support for laser, rainbow probe, single-contact or scanning probe sensors.
Applications Support: Users are paired with a team of experienced applications engineers and trainers for a year.

Development of the users’ competence to create automated processes that anticipate and manage part variation while achieving acceptable inspection results is prioritized.

Formal class time, homework, applications evaluation and coaching may be used, with exercises and homework often derived from the customer’s parts, fixtures and performance requirements.

Minimum prerequisite per user is the satisfactory completion of Basic Training.
Advanced Topics Workshop: Each Advanced Topics Workshop is 4 hours of individualized training at the customer’s site, structured around the customer’s needs.  

VMS Comprehensive Programmers Course

Participants will learn to create automated measurement processes that anticipate and manage part variation. Five Covid-19 friendly training sessions are designed to allow students hands-on training with an instructor either in-person or remotely. 

Individual class titles:
  • System Introduction - Part Coordinate Systems & Finder Introduction
  • Measurement Automation - Variables, Looping and Branching
  • Accuracy and Repeatability - Advanced Finder Parameters & Edge Detection
  • Parametric Programming - Input and Output Customization
  • Advanced Techniques - VMS Functions & Procedures

Data Analysis and Support Software

Ask us about training on the following software as well!
  • QC-CALC Real-Time, GageStation, SPC, Office Buddy, ERS, QC-Mobile
  • EVOLVE SUITE (SmartProfile, Design, Manufacturing, SPC)
  • MountainsMap
  • Elements
  • Geomagic software (Control X, Design X, Wrap)
  • PolyWorks Inspector
  • Gage-X, eBx/Basic-X
  • Autorun Plus
  • MeasureFit
  • SmartFeature
  • SmartFit 3D
  • TrueMap

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