Márcio's 3D Corner

Explore Márcio's journey digitizing our world, while learning what's new in 3D scanning.

Meet Márcio

Márcio Adamy’s passion for 3D scanning has developed over the decades. Márcio’s 3D Corner chronicles his continued exploits digitizing our world. By tuning in, you will follow his adventures through weekly posts and be able to comment and ask him questions.

Márcio will travel to various sites and tackle projects ranging from aircraft, anthropology, architecture, artwork, automobiles, forensics, musical instruments, medical devices, optics, orthopedics, people, propellers, prosthetics, raw materials, surgical guides, turbine blades, wind tunnels, yachts, and zoological artifacts. Tune in and enjoy while learning about the latest 3D scanner technologies and their uses. 


Case Studies

Are you looking to transform anything from the size of a coin to the size of a building? 
While working on bridges, an engineer shared an expression with me: Rust never sleeps,” said Marcio Adamy of Indicate Technologies Inc., an Artec 3D Gold-certified Partner.