An introduction to

LiDAR Technology

LiDAR 3D scanners are designed for long distance and very large object 3D scanning. LiDAR scanning works by reflecting light off of an object, and measuring the distance based on the time it took for light to travel to and from the object.

Large Scale – LiDAR scanning is the best option for scanning large objects such as buildings, airplanes, and wind turbines.

Long Distance – LiDAR Scanning allows for users to be up to 110 meters away from the object they are scanning.



Artec Ray

A long-range laser scanner for capturing large objects, such as airplanes, wind turbines, rooms, or buildings with high precision and minimum noise. Each scan has a spherical range of up to 110 Meters radius.


The following are some industries and applications that are benefiting by LiDAR 3D scanning technology:

1. Aerospace
2. Automotive
3. Architecture
4. Art and Design
5. Manufacturing

1. Reverse Engineering
2. Quality Inspection
3. Product Development
4. 3D Scan to Print
5. 3D Visualization