3D Print-Scan-Measure EXPO 2023 
9 AM Sessions

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Surface Finish for Compliance and Process Control
Colten Saunders
Application Engineer
Joe Kulaga
Sales Representative

An overview of the surface finish measurement options from Mitutoyo ranging from affordable hand-held devices to programmable CNC options.

Scan for Design of Complex Freeform Shapes
Sean Parker
Senior Application Engineer
Oqton Geomagic

Creation and Manipulation of Freeform Shapes Enables the Artistic Designer

Description: Explore an accelerated design process of complex freeform shapes with the most powerful software for complex shape design.  Experience the force feedback design tool for shaping “Digital Clay”.

  • FreeForm
  • Touch Haptics


Products addressed: Geomagic FreeForm and Touch Haptics

Multisensor Metrology Coordinate Measurement
Alexander Garvey
Product Manager of Enterprise Solutions
Quality Vision International Inc.

Authoritative Measurement

Description: How can you establish your position as being authoritative with your measurement data?  Multisensor metrology systems provide a compelling answer. 

  • Single digit micron accuracies
  • 3D data sets collected on all accessible surfaces
  • Multiple sensor technologies coupled with powerful GD&T analysis
  • Easily accessible user interface environment

Products addressed: SmartScope, FlexPoint, Fusion, Summit, Pinnacle, Benchmark

Shaping the 3D printing landscape
3D Systems
Sam Barnes
Regional Sales Manager
3D Systems

Deep dive into the meaning of the data in our resin material datasheets.  Get answers to the questions you've ever pondered on topics such as:  Why does all this data matter? What does a data point in the datasheet table actually represent? What are the conditions of industry standard tests? How do I compare data in long term stability testing? What impact does post-processing make? Solvents, times, drying, etc

Products Address: 3D Systems, Figure 4, ProJet 6000 HD, ProJet 7000 HD"

Data Collection, Reporting, and Process Control
Chuck Marks
Western Regional Sales Manager
Prolink Software

Collect and Distribute Data in the Enterprise

Description:  Data collection has never been easier and more versatile.  Data management and distribution has never been more flexible and accessible.  Prolink Software provides a suite of tools to roll out a smart implementation from a single isolated station to a fully integrated supply chain including:

  • Automated data collection from systems to PLCs
  • Hand tool stations
  • Integrated database
  • Report publication - static and live
  • Drill down from factory level to individual tool with status and data
  • Ease-of-operation without the need for IT


Products addressed: Prolink Enterprise software - QC-Calc, QC-Gage, Office Buddy, Enterprise Report Scheduler, QC-Mobile