3D Print-Scan-Measure EXPO 2023 
2.30 PM Sessions

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Cost-Effective Metal Part Production: Metal 3D Printing Cost Comparison.
Desktop Metal
Tiana Gould
Technical Manager
Desktop Metal

Metal 3D printing is no longer a novel technology, yet how it compares to traditional manufacturing processes—especially on cost—can still be an ambiguous equation.

It has a reputation for being expensive, but is that a true apples-to-apples comparison? And how does the equation change if metal 3D printing is being evaluated as a complementary (instead of competitive) method?

During this session, we will explore how metal 3D printing compares to traditional manufacturing methods through a detailed comparison of metal injection molding and metal binder jetting.  Products addressed: Desktop Metal Studio System, Shop System, Exone Innovent X

Exploring Cutting-Edge 3D Scanning
Design Process Quality
Nick Franzese
Reseller Manager
Scantech Versatile Metrology-grade 3D Scanning
Explore multiple scan technologies integrated for a variety of needs. Including: Multiple lasers with multiple laser modes, fully automated solutions, Photogrammetry of large areas with fine details, Deep aspect ratios
Products addressed: Sharp49, and K-Scan Magic.
GD&T - An Enterprise Reference Solution
Process Quality
Alexander Garvey
Product Manager of Enterprise Solutions
Quality Vision International Inc.

Apply, Communicate, and Evaluate Product Tolerances

Model-Based Enterprises (MBE) take advantage of Model-Based Definitions (MBD) to improve communication about product design intent across all functions and operations. 

  • Improve implementation of your product tolerances across your enterprise
  • Accelerate design to volume manufacturing processes
  • Retain the integrity of the design intent
  • Protect the value of intellectual property

We will present how the OGP EVOLVE suite addressed the following examples:

  1. A designer is struggling with the proper application of GD&T on a part
  2. A manufacturing engineer is trying to understand why a machine operation is reaching an out-of-tolerance condition
  3. A quality person is trying to validate that a part is within specifications


Products addressed: EVOLVE Suite: Design, Manufacture, SmartProfile, SPC

Think Big, Build Big: Large-Format Additive Manufacturing (Applications, Industries, Solutions)
Jason Tzintzun
Marketing Manager

Join us as we delve into the world of large-format additive manufacturing with BigRep, a global leader in the 3D printing industry.

 In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How large-format 3D printing caters to critical industries such as automotive, aerospace, and product development
  • Real-world applications, including 3D printed jigs and fixtures, aftermarket vehicle customization, and low-volume end-use part production
  • How companies such as Ford Motor Company, Airflight, and Canyon Bikes are employing large-format additive manufacturing to shrink lead times, lower operational costs, and get to market fastest.


WAT Inspection Fixture – Printed in BigRep PLX

  • Post-Processed Motorcycle Tank Cover – Printed in PA12 CF
  • Sample swatches in various BigRep materials