3D Print-Scan-Measure EXPO 2023 
11 AM Sessions

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Artec 3D Structured Light and Lidar Scanners Come Together to Reach Unbeatable New Levels
Design Process Quality
Artec 3D
Alexey Kozhevnikov
Technical Support
Artec 3D

Easy, Smart, Portable, 3D Data with Color Texture

Artec3D’s leading scanner technology and unique software experience enable you to create virtual representations of physical objects achieving superior results with minimal experience.

  • Easy workflow
  • AI tracking
  • No stickers required
  • New metrology grade experience

Products addressed: Artec 3D Leo, Eva, Space Spider, Micro, Ray

VersaFlex - More Than a CMM
Alexander Garvey
Product Manager of Enterprise Solutions
Vision International Inc.

The Articulating 3-in-1 Simultaneous Multisensor Solution from OGP

  • Contact scanning
  • Interferometry
  • Vision 

Products addressed: FlexPoint, Telestar Probe, VersaFlex

Surface Finish - Under Control with Automation
John Hammond
Indicate Technologies

Resolve the Surface Finish Problem. Bring Correlation to Your Supply Chain

Correlation of surface finish is a challenging task.  The nature of typical surface finish tools is that they are tedious, sensitive to damage, and manually operated.  The primary problems impacting surface finish measurement correlation are

(1) The location of the test is poorly controlled

(2) The sample area measured is very small

(3) Variation within the part under test is typically high 

When these tests are performed manually, part variation becomes mixed with measurement variation and the entire surface finish measurement process appears to be non-repeatable.  We address this by incorporating the surface finish measurement into a multisensor tool.  The CMM sensors are able to register the part under test so that the surface finish measurement locations are repeatable and reproducible.  With this simple adaptation, surface finish testing comes under control.  This provides a basis for you to perform intelligent process monitoring and product compliance.

Products addressed: OGP Platforms w/Rainbow Probe, Telestar, Sensofar

3D Ct Scanning for Inspection, Rev Eng, Porosity, Composite Fiber Alignment
RX Solutions
Marty Schuster
Business Development
RX Solutions Sas

RX Solutions, maker of metrology grade 3D CT Scanning Systems, located in Annecy, France, will be presenting examples of industrial manufactured components from a variety of industries and applications including: MEDICAL DEVICES, AEROSPACE, AUTOMOTIVE, TELECOMMUNICATIONS, ELECTRONICS

Applying 3D CT to Industrial Inspection of critical components and products will be reviewed showing the advantages and benefits obtained using this Internal and External Geometry imaging capture technology. Inspection / Analysis of 3D printed parts, machined parts, molded parts of plastic, rubber, metal, composites, etc. will be reviewed. Natural, Biological items and creature scans for educational and research applications will also be exampled.

3D Printed Rubber: New Possibilities for Flexible Manufacturing for End Use Production.
Desktop Metal
Tiana Gould
Technical Manager
Desktop Metal

Learn about largest size production-grade Xtreme 8K digital light processing (DLP) 3D printer from ETEC with DuraChain™ Elastic Tough Rubber™ resin to produce rubber parts tough enough for consistent use, yet soft enough to be pliable. We will discuss reliability of building Shore A70 hardness parts with fine details using resin 3D printing. Reduced delivery of time of rubber parts traditionally produced with urethane casting or injection molding.  Products addressed: ETEC: Xtreme 8K, Adaptive 3D elastomeric material.