3D Print-Scan-Measure EXPO 2023 
10 AM Sessions

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Democratizing Printing from Plastics to Metals
Additive Process
Dylan George
Application Engineering Manager

Polymer FFF with Metal Capabilities

If you want to print metal parts, there is a new entry point achievable by anyone.  UltiMaker has led the way in reliable, industrial-grade, affordable FFF printers.  Now, the same user-friendly desktop 3D printer that allows you to print translucent polymers and flexible elastomers can also print functional metal parts in 17-4PH stainless steel.  The printer produces “green state” parts.  No capital investment is needed to achieve the part debinding & sintering.  UltiMaker leverages BASF's online portal so that users can process their parts via BASF’s distributed sintering network.  You ship the printed green part and receive the finished part back in approximately two weeks.  This service-based cost model opens up a new range of applications achievable on a desktop printer at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional manufacturing or other printer offerings.


Products addressed: UltiMaker

Dry Electropolishing for Advanced Manufacturing
Jesús Contreras
Director of Business Development
Industrial Development - GPAINNOVA

Traditional metal surface finishing methods, such as liquid electropolishing and abrasive polishing, indeed possess their advantages, but they also carry a set of noteworthy disadvantages and drawbacks. These include issues like inconsistency, excessive material removal, the occurrence of micro scratches on treated parts, labor-intensive processes, time-consuming procedures, potential health hazards, a significant environmental impact, waste generation, limitations in handling complex geometries, and the requirement for costly maintenance.

To address and overcome these limitations, GPAINNOVA's DLyte brand presents the patented DryLyte Technology, based on dry electropolishing. This innovative solution offers automated surface finishing equipment for metal parts seeking high-quality finishes.

Since its inception, DLyte has strived to revolutionize the industry by introducing cost-effective, resource-efficient, and timely production systems. What sets the DLyte system apart from conventional polishing methods is its unique ability to achieve a uniform, mark-free finish on surfaces of any shape and geometry, all while avoiding the creation of micro scratches.

Furthermore, it excels in delivering mirror-like finishes while adhering to the specified tolerances of the processed piece. In addition to these advantages, the DLyte system reduces the number of required surface finishing processes and the manufacturing space, thus significantly reducing the carbon footprint and waste generation associated with traditional metal treatments.

CMM Technology – Prepare for the Future with MBD
Colten Saunders
Application Engineer
Joe Kulaga
Sales Representative

Save programming time and ensure quality with MiCAT Planner, a highly-automated CMM programming tool exclusive to Mitutoyo CMMs.

Scan for Inspection and Reverse Engineering
Sean Parker
Senior Application Engineer
Oqton Geomagic

Quality and Design Benefit from 3D Scan Data

Explore how 3D scan data enhances visualization of inspection and accelerates the design function.

  • Quantify and visualize dimensional deviations of parts under inspection
  • Develop parametric CAD models

Products addressed: Geomagic Control-X, G4SW, Design-X

A Novel Approach to 3D-Printing of Elastomers and Multimaterial Components
Jakob René
Business Development Manager

In the world of prototyping and manufacturing, creating elastomers and complex multimaterial parts has previously been a challenge. However, with Inkbit and the introduction of Vision Control Jetting (VCJ), a closed-loop feedback control system, it is now possible to explore new materials and expand applications. Imagine crafting precise seals, gaskets, or fluidic components with the utmost precision and using advanced chemical-resistant materials for superior performance. Learn more about the future of additive manufacturing with Inkbit.