3D Print-Scan-Measure EXPO 2023 
1.30 PM Sessions

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3D Scanning and Coordinate Measurement
Mike Weidler
Sales Engineer
Pat Bass
Sales Director

Join us and learn more about a leading 3D metrology software, Verisurf! With support for all 3D metrology devices and many tools to solve the needs of various applications, Verisurf has found its home in many industries including aerospace, defense, automotive, and more! In this presentation, there will be an overview to showcase a few of Verisurf’s offerings such as MEASURE, REVERSE, and AUTOMATE.

PEEK, PEKK and Ultem Parts from Additive
Hoang Van
Head of Desktop Solutions

Print Large High-performance Thermoplastics

Heated print chamber and bed with humidity-controlled material management are required for the successful printing of these highly valued materials.  Most printers addressing this task are priced at a premium and do not reach the thermal threshold for Ultem.  Explore the technical superiority and price accessibility of the Intamsys product line including:

  • Open material
  • Large build volume
  • Temperature control up to 300℃
  • PEEK, PEKK and PEI (Ultem) capable
  • Environment controlled material chamber

Products addressed: Intamsys:  Funmat Pro 410, Funmat Pro 610 HT

Shop Floor Quick Inspections
David Lopez
Applications Experts

The Simple Side of Metrology

Reducing a metrology callout to a simple inspection that reflects the process and product quality during manufacturing is a critical capability.  Such tests provide essential feedback on the shop floor.  These tests must be

  • Fast
  • Easy to perform
  • Reliable, and
  • Reflect the status of critical indicators in real-time. 

While this is the simple side of metrology it is a sophisticated aspect of manufacturing engineering and production quality.  See how tools designed for this task can help you get there.


Products addressed: C-Vision, TurnCheck, ShapeGrabber, SNAP