Who is X-Rite?

X-Rite is the leader in color management, and appearance capture. The X-Rite TAC7 and Virtual Light Booth, components of the X-Rite Total Appearance Capture ecosystem, present virtual materials with a very high degree of realism and accuracy. This enables users to evaluate digitized materials rendered on virtual objects in direct comparison to physical material samples.

Total appearance capture 3D scanning enables an unmatched level of realism by capturing color, size, texture, gloss, transparency, and other appearance characteristics of even the most complex materials.

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Capture and store color, texture, gloss and other surface appearance characteristics of even the most complex materials.

3D Scanners



Measuring a material’s appearance characteristics is critical to improving quality and accelerating time to market. By accurately measuring the appearance characteristics of physical samples, the TAC7 Scanner produces digital material files that can easily be communicated and shared across the design to production workflow.

Virtual Light Booth

The Virtual Light Booth provides diffuse and spot light sources that enable accurate visual assessment in a well-defined and standardized visual observation environment, even for highly complex materials such as special-effects paints and coatings whose color and appearance change based on the angle at which they are being observed.