Who is

Oqton is a software firm addressing modern manufacturing issues by integrating cutting-edge AI, cloud computing, simulation, and top-tier CADCAM technology for additive manufacturing, 3D scanning, and dental production.

Oqton uses AI-driven software - democratizing innovations in advanced manufacturing, making them both accessible and economically feasible, thereby speeding up intelligent manufacturing.

Their manufacturing software technology is concentrated on three key areas: additive manufacturing, 3D scanning, and dental lab production. They take pride in developing Geomagic software for reverse engineering and inspection applications. Their additive manufacturing software aids industrial and healthcare organizations in fostering innovation and efficiency, offering AI-powered features for medical image segmentation, additive design, build preparation, MES, additive inspection, and simulation.

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Industry-leading reverse engineering software that enables the creation of precise CAD models from 3D scan data more quickly and reliably than any other solution available.



Geomagic Design X

Geomagic Design X outpaces all other reverse-engineering software in swiftly, precisely, and dependably generating CAD models from 3D scans. This capability empowers you to derive fresh business opportunities from existing products.

Geomagic Control X

Geomagic Control X is a sophisticated 3D quality control and dimensional inspection software designed for the capture and processing of data from 3D scanners and various portable devices. It enables the measurement, comprehension, and communication of inspection outcomes, ensuring quality across the board.

Geomagic Wrap

Geomagic Wrap offers the most user-friendly, cost-effective, rapid, and precise pathway from point clouds to 3D polygonal and surface models, instantly deployable across diverse fields such as engineering, manufacturing, art, industrial design, and beyond. As an integral part of your 3D digital workflow, Geomagic Wrap serves as the digital conduit that enables the creation of flawless data for direct utilization in 3D printing, milling, archiving, and numerous other 3D applications.

Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS

Envision the ability to swiftly transform physical objects into digital solid models.

Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS serves as a reverse engineering software toolkit that seamlessly integrates with your SOLIDWORKS environment, providing advanced functionalities to enhance the utility of tools, point clouds, and polygons within your design workflow. Whether you're importing existing data or conducting direct scans within SOLIDWORKS, this toolset empowers you with feature extraction wizards to effortlessly extract CAD sketches, surfaces, and solids from your scanned information.