ASA Filament

Our ASA Filament collection offers a range of materials that are specifically designed to provide exceptional durability and UV resistance for your 3D prints. ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) filaments are known for their excellent weathering characteristics, making them ideal for outdoor applications where exposure to sunlight and harsh weather conditions is a concern. Our ASA Filaments offer superior performance and reliability, ensuring that your 3D prints withstand the test of time.


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Kimya ASA-S Kimya 1.75mm 500g Natural - Indicate Technologies
ASA-S Sale price$31.08

1 color available

BigRep ASA Filament BigRep Black 2.85 mm 2.3 kg - Indicate Technologies
ASA Sale priceFrom $145.00

2 colors available

ASA Filament Intamsys - Indicate Technologies
ASA Sale price$40.00

2 colors available