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The UltraTom 3D scanner from RX Solutions is a cutting-edge device that captures precise, high-resolution images of objects and structures in 3D. With its advanced sensor technology and intuitive software interface, the UltraTom enables users to quickly and easily scan and digitize a wide range of objects for use in CAD design, 3D printing, and other applications. Whether you're a product designer, engineer, or artist, the UltraTom is a powerful tool that can help you bring your ideas to life with unparalleled accuracy and detail.
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Product Features

Tomography system for scientific research and industrial R&D
The UltraTom is open and flexible tomography equipment ideal for academic research and industrial R&D. This system, placed in a bunker, is integrated on your site and adapts to the most restrictive cases of X-ray analysis and control. Easy access all around the equipment makes it possible to set up experiments the most complex in-situ. Both powerful and modular, the UltraTom system is designed to meet the most demanding 3D imaging applications, ranging from scientific research on materials to industrial applications in R&D, quality assurance and production.

Flexible X-ray inspection equipment
The UltraTom is an extremely flexible tomography system in terms of sample size and orientation. Equipped with a very large scan volume, the UltraTom can visualize, measure and analyze large components or assemblies in high resolution. Precision mechanics including 7 axes of movement make it possible to position and perform scans of samples weighing up to 100 kg. Both the tube and the imager can be moved, increasing the size of the parts that can be inspected. This unmatched flexibility in the positioning of the parts coupled with the flexibility of adjusting the distance between the generator and the detector allow the realization of rapid acquisitions of very high quality.
High Power and High Resolution
The UltraTom can be equipped with a combination of three high-power, high-resolution x-ray sources and a variety of detectors and cameras that can be easily interchanged to optimally configure the system to meet demanding applications. sharpest imagery. With a maximum resolution of 350 nm (0.35 µm), the UltraTom allows you to adjust the contrast and brightness necessary to produce high-quality x-ray images, making it easy to see the finest details even at low energy.

Powerful Piloting, Acquisition, and Reconstruction software
Proprietary "X-Act" software provides unparalleled processing power and image quality for the entire range of tomographs offered by RX Solutions. The EasyTom S integrates the complete "X-Act" software suite , which simplifies data acquisition, and improves reconstruction thanks to advanced correction algorithms. "X-Act" also automates all stages, from acquisition to post-processing, including reconstruction.

Technical Specifications





Scanner type

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Alignment accuracy

Scanning rate

Scanning Area

Color Scanning

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Optimal scanning distance range 

Effective working range 

Maximum single scanning area up to 

Point DIstance



Operating temperature range

Interface mode

Output formats

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Working power supply

Technical Specifications
Modular design: Highly configurable system, which allows to combine high power and high resolution X-ray sources: up to 3 generators, including 160 kV nano focus tube and 230 kV micro focus tube
Ergonomic: Tomography system placed in a bunker, with easy access to the rotation stage
Laboratory system: Ideal for setting up complex in situ experiments.
Flexibility: Large inspection volume (ø 390 mm x 500 mm high) with 7 mechanical axes
High stability: Precision mechanics with granite axles, axles on air cushions for better rigidity and long term stability. Positioning guaranteed by high precision linear encoders.
High performance: High tomographic resolution 350 nm (0.35 µm) - High power 230KV.
Open system: Laboratory installations that can be customized according to your applications: addition of linear detectors, high speed cameras...
Reduced maintenance: High-end X-ray sources - high reliability sealed tube and open tube technologies.

Training - Support & Services
Our Services Team will support you from system planning and installation to system operation and maintenance. They will provide you with basic and expert training, with hot line support and remote assistance and with comprehensive preventive and corrective maintenance contracts.

We will ensure that your CT system is kept upgraded with the latest functionalities we develop, to enhance its performance and to better serve your applications. Our Services Team will help prevent unnecessary downtime and extend the lifetime of your CT system to maximize your return on investment.


Additive manufacturing
Art & jewelry
Plastic injection molding
Medical & dental
Oil & gas
Research & sciences


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