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SmartRing Light

SmartRing light illuminators accomplish difficult tasks by providing light that is programmable for both direction and incidence angle.


Consisting of six or eight concentric LED ring lights, the inner rings illuminate the part from above, almost “square on.” The outer rings provide oblique lighting, ideal for chamfered edges and blended radii. By selecting different rings, you control the angle of incidence of the illumination.


Each ring is also divided into eight sectors, allowing you to specify the direction of the light. Using SmartRing’s graphical interface, you can select any combination of rings and sectors to create just the right illumination for any application.


Available on OGP video and multisensor systems SmartRing lights measure even the most difficult parts with ease. If you’ve got a tough non-contact measurement application, take a close look at SmartRing. It’s the right light for the right measurement.

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