Flexible 80A Resin (Form 3) Resin Formlabs - Indicate Technologies
Flexible 80A Resin (Form 3) 1 L Resin Formlabs - Indicate Technologies

Flexible 80A Resin (Form 3)

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Whether you’re optimizing your manufacturing process, rapidly iterating through designs, or assessing form, fit, and function, Formlabs Engineering Resins are formulated to withstand extensive testing and perform under stress. Flexible 80A Resin is the most stiff soft-touch material in our library of Flexible and Elastic Resins, with an 80A Shore durometer to simulate the flexibility of rubber or TPU. Balancing softness with strength, Flexible 80A Resin can withstand bending, flexing, and compression, even through repeated cycles. The “80A” in the name represents the material’s Shore durometer. If you need a less stiff flexible material, try Elastic 50A Resin.  Flexible 80A Resin is a reformulation of Flexible Resin. Flexible 80A Resin offers more advanced mechanical properties and a new look. Available for Form 3 generation printers, and Form 2.

Supports print resolutions: 100 and 50 microns.
Post-curing required.

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    • 5 L
    SKU: RS-F2-FL80-01