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Castable Wax Resin (Form 4)

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Castable Wax Resin is a material that contains wax and has been developed to be used directly in mold casting with the "lost-wax method". A very useful tool in, for example, the jewelery industry. It can be burned out without leaving ash or residue in the mold. The material provides a smooth surface and takes care of even the smallest details. 


The material contains 20% wax, for easy casting with fast and reliable burn-out. With a lower wax content than Castable Wax 40, Castable Wax has a higher degree of strength and stiffness, which makes it more suitable for thin details such as filigree and the like.

The resin does not require additional UV curing after printing, which contributes to ease of use and cuts down on production time. After a quick wash in isopropanol, the parts are ready for handling.