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3D Print with High-Strenght Materials

Roboze is an innovative 3D printing company known for its high-performance 3D printers and advanced materials. Founded in Italy, Roboze specializes in creating robust and precise 3D printing solutions for industrial applications. Their standout feature is their focus on high-temperature and high-strength materials, such as PEEK, PEI, Carbon PEEK, and Carbon PA, which are essential for sectors like aerospace, automotive, and medical. Roboze's proprietary Beltless System enhances print accuracy and repeatability, making it a leader in additive manufacturing. The company's commitment to material science and engineering excellence sets it apart in the competitive 3D printing market

Roboze 3D Printing Solutions


3D Printers



Argo 1000 Hypermelt

3D print big, strong and quickly.

The ARGO 1000 HYPERMELT stands as the largest pellet-based 3D printer globally, featuring a heated chamber capable of reaching temperatures up to 180°C. This enables rapid production of large-scale parts using exceptionally strong super polymers and composites.

With its expansive build volume of 1000x1000x1000mm (approximately 40x40x40 inches), the printer accommodates larger components and increases production efficiency. This capability allows for printing numerous parts in a single operation, meeting diverse requirements swiftly and economically.

Argo 500

Produce parts in super polymers up to 19.7x19.7x19.7 in, replacing metals and reducing costs.

ARGO 500 marks the beginning of a new era in industrial production with super polymers, emphasizing customization and advanced manufacturing capabilities. 

The ARGO 500 is a milestone as the first 3D printer for super polymers and composites integrated with the Roboze Automate technological ecosystem. This innovation introduces industrial automation to 3D printing through a combination of hardware, advanced sensors, B&R PLC control, Roboze Beltless technology, and comprehensive process oversight. The result is a repeatable, automated, and meticulously controlled 3D printing process, comparable to traditional industrial manufacturing methods

Plus PRO

Roboze's patented Beltless System, featuring a gear-based movement system, has long been synonymous with precision and reliability. The Roboze Plus PRO ensures 3D printing accuracy of 15 microns and consistent part repeatability over extended periods of time.
Contact us to learn more about the highest performing super polymers and composites in the world.

Carbon PEEK

Roboze CARBON PEEK stands out as the top-performing 3D printing super polymer in the industry, enhancing the renowned attributes of PEEK with enhanced thermal stability and stiffness. The integration of carbon fibers significantly boosts the mechanical properties of printed components, bridging the gap with conventional manufacturing methods


  • A semi-crystalline super polymer known for its outstanding mechanical properties.
  • Exhibits remarkable thermal and chemical resistance.
  • Ideal for extreme applications requiring electrical insulation, high wear resistance, and a low coefficient of friction.

Carbon PA PRO

  • A carbon fiber-reinforced polyamide with exceptional mechanical performance.
  • Perfect for mechanical applications and a viable alternative to light metal alloys due to its high tensile modulus.

Ultem AM9085F

  • Polyetherimide is a high-performance engineering plastic with unique chemical and physical properties.
  • Resistant to hydrolysis and acids, with advanced thermal performance for high operating temperatures.
  • Withstands repeated autoclave cycles and meets UL 94-V0, FAR 25.853, and EN45545 standards for low FST (Flame, Smoke, Toxicity).
  • ULTEM™ is a registered trademark of SABIC or its affiliates.


  • Optimized PEKK (polyetherketoneketone) formulation for super-performing parts.
  • Features flame retardant properties, excellent thermo-mechanical properties, and outstanding chemical resistance.
  • Classified UL 94 V-0.

ToolingX CF

  • A carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite.
  • Lightweight with exceptional thermal stability, chemical resistance, and self-extinguishing properties.

Bio-based PA

  • An eco-sustainable engineering polymer filled with natural fibers.
  • Developed to produce tools and equipment, aiding manufacturing companies in achieving sustainability goals.


  • A composite material combining polyamide with chopped carbon fibers.
  • Produces parts with excellent surface finish, good mechanical properties, and reasonable flexibility.

Hypermelt Tech

Roboze’s advanced materials are specifically designed for Hypermelt Technology, delivering exceptional performance and precision across various industries and applications. Discover the unique characteristics and capabilities of Roboze Hypermelt technology, designed to elevate your 3D printing projects to new heights.
Other Materials


  • A thermoplastic polyurethane known for its flexibility.
  • Ideal for applications like gaskets, anti-vibration mounts, or sheaths.
  • Offers a higher continuous use temperature (248°F/120°C) and greater chemical resistance compared to other elastomers.
  • Exhibits good resistance to wear, abrasion, and impact.

Available for Argo 500 and Plus PRO.

PP Pro

PP PRO (Polypropylene):

  • The most widely used commodity polymer.
  • Commonly used in everyday objects and automotive components.
  • Features high resistance to shocks, abrasion, and chemical agents.
  • Offers excellent electrical insulating properties.


  • Highly resistant to mechanical loads and chemical compounds.
  • Features high tenacity and aging resistance.
  • Ideal for the metalworking sector.


  • A stabilized ABS blend with excellent mechanical properties.
  • Suitable for prototyping and producing functional components, even those subjected to mechanical tests.
  • Available in natural or red color.


  • A technical material made from a blend of loaded PLA.
  • Perfect for printing high-definition prototypes and small series requiring superior definition and surface quality.