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A next-generation bioprinting technology should be ready for the most complex challenges in human tissue fabrication and applications. Stepping up from simply laying cells out in a 3-dimensional space, Dr. INVIVO 4D6, with the built-in cell incubator and liquid handling functions, allows the researcher to meet the real needs of keeping cells functional while upgrading researchers’ work to high-throughput usage.

  • Chamber Temperature Control (4~ 40 ℃): Fabricates with diverse types of hydrogels
  • Max 6 Modular Printheads: Fabricates complex tissue structures with six different cell types and/or materials
  • Sterile Chamber: Creates implantable devices in an environment compliant with medical device standards
  • Cell Incubator (Temperature/Humidity/CO₂): Supports higher cell viability both during and after the printing process. Supports proper cell proliferation and differentiation
  • Well-Plate Printing (up to 384 wells): Creates an assay composed of organoids that can be used for drug efficacy and toxicity testing. Allows for high-throughput media exchange using suction features
  • 20X Built-In Scope: Allows for quality evaluation of scaffolds (i.e. pore size, morphology, surface)

Next Generation Bioprinting

  • Biofabricator
  • Built-in Incubator
  • Built-in LIQUID handler
  • Sterilizer
  • Smart UI
  • 6 modular print heads
  • 20X built in scope



  • Built-in Cell, Incubator CO₂, level control
  • Clean Chamber, Sterilization, Particle control system
  • Auto Bed Leveling & Nozzle End Alignment Ultrasonic sensor
  • MODULAR Printheads, 1 interchangeable dispenser, + 5 rotary biodispersers
  • VISUALIZATION, Optical microscope
  • Multi-platform printing bed
  • Well plates, culture dish
  • Printing Parameters
  • System Configurations

Printing Parameters

  • Temperature: Cellular functions are highly responsive to temperature which can also affect cell viability.
  • CO₂: CO₂ gas changes pH in the medium. In the improper pH conditions, cells stop growing and lose viability and it may produce morphological changes of cells.
  • Humidity: Low humidity causes evaporation of water from the media. Evaporation leaves too-high concentrations of salts, minerals, etc., resulting in toxicity and cell death.
  • Sterilization: Preventing contamination is the key to applying the printed tissue in vivo. Replicating the temperature, CO₂, and humidity with Invivo conditions is important to replicate tissues and organs.
  • Download: Dr. INVIVO 4D6 Brochure
  • Download: Dr. INVIVO 4D6 Bioprinting Application
  • Download: Dr. INVIVO 4D6 Introduction

System Configurations



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