What’s New in 3D Tech 2023


UltiMaker S7

The S7 is geared for users with the need to easily print a range of materials, from flexible to composites.

UltiMaker PVA Removal Station

The PVARS from UltiMaker dissolves your PVA supports up to 4x faster than traditional methods.

UltiMaker Method XL

The Method XL offers repeatable part quality with its heated chamber and 12-inch-cubed build volume.

Intamsys PRO 310

The PRO 310 is a reliable industrial-grade desktop 3D printer, with independent extruders (IDEX) for increased throughput.

Artec Leo (3rd Gen)

The all-new Leo runs at more than twice the power than it did before with the new NVIDIA Jetson TX2 processor onboard, 5” HD built-in display and battery.

Artec Ray II

Lightning-fast long-range 3D scanner professionally captures large to massive objects, scenes or areas, from up to 130m away.

BigRep ONE.4

This one-cubic-meter 3D printer just became safer and more reliable with the all-new enclosure addon.

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